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NYX Professional Makeup believes in unstoppable self-expression and brings you pro-level makeup. These products have the most expert formulas and the highest-grade pigments. Being inspired by the colorful city and its freedom of self-expression, diversity, and creativity, NYX Professional Makeup was born with love in Los Angeles.

NYX Makeup produces cosmetics that you can play with and make unique new and creative looks. It is 100% vegan, and you do not need to worry about animal cruelty within NYX Professional Makeup because it is certified by PETA as cruelty-free.

NYX Cosmetics provides a wide range of breathtaking cosmetics including all kinds of makeup brushes, makeup removers, eye-shadow palettes, lipsticks, lip gloss, face powders, and many more.

NYX Professional Makeup products use formulas suitable for your skin, so you don’t need to fake it with filters. NYX is here for originality and acceptance. NYX Professional Makeup allows you to express yourself through your artistry and exists to add color to your life.

At Makeup City, you can find makeup remover wipes, matte lipsticks, and makeup setting sprays by NYX Professional Makeup. So what are you waiting for? Get the best, pro-level makeup by NYX Professional Makeup so you can give yourself the royal treatment you deserve.

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