Using Nail polish is fun, exciting and we all want the excitement to last long. So that goes without saying that colors need to be contained in your life to do all the talking, eating and tantrum-throwing for you. One gets through so much on ONE DAY and you need get through with flying colors every now and then. When you have a long day ahead of you, you need to have two important CRUCIAL things : a strong coffee and and lasting-long nail polish in winters. Lucky for you, Colorists comes with wide range of shades along with durability form air, water and surrounding.

You need to beat the soothing and sleepy vibe by wearing a Nail Polish that is resilient, persistent, consistent and un-hesitant to nail any challenge hands down. You always talk with your hands and they need to look best. And that’s just the day you have that is long but what about a WHOLE WEEK ?? WHEW !! You can’t apply and remove nail polish again and again. You need to know how you can retain those beautiful colors bestowed upon you by Colorists. With its repellent effect, here is what you can do with the :

1- Use Thin Coats.
Apply thin coats of layers to nail polish for a durable, smooth and full coverage.



2-Roll the Bottle and don’t shake it
Roll the bottle and then apply. WARNING: Do not shake as the bubbles formation would result in inconsistent texture.

3-Take Two With the Lamp
While getting you nails done at salon, place you hands under UV light for a better finishing.



Cover the chips or cracks with a smart nail art.

And there is definitely more to this! Let us know in the comments below of what you do.



Author Isma Saeed

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