“Pour yourself a glass, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together” are the words spoken from the lips of one of the greatest American female screen legend, Elizabeth Taylor. The 20th century beauty world thrives on the eclectic, diverse and special cosmetic ranges but the one that will always remain the very essence of Make up is lipsticks. Even if you don’t know how to do make up ,just put on the ST Velvet lipstick, walk out that door and all the eyes will be laid on you.But you gotta know the basics before you go BIG! Here’s a perfect guide to how get a apply a lipstick and get it right:

1-Moisture Maintenance is a MUST! As the skin of the lips is very different to any other part of the ENTIRE face. Apply a lip balm to make a base with the ST Magic Concealer that removes cracks and gives a smooth texture to the lip skin.

2-Outline your lip with a one tone darker St Pout Liner. Start from the center of the lip line and draw back to your lip corner to get your desired lip shape. Make sure the lip pencil is sharpened before application.

3-Apply your first layer of lipstick from the center and then move towards to the end corners.

4-Gently dab you lips with your finger tips for final finishing.  

Author Isma Saeed

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