Now that you are familiar with the basics and more, let’s set up your very own lipstick collection. And its very important to have your own collection of ST Velvet Lipstick that suits you, compliments you, lifts your spirits high and boost your confidence. In order to set up a collection or your signature style, one needs to be fully aware of your own self. You need to know what suits you best matching and complimenting you undertone.

Determine your undertone is super crucial. And here you can check it. Experts say to check your veins of your arms.

If the color of the veins is blue, you have cold/pink undertone, if you have green veins then you have a warm/yellow undertone and if there is a mix of blue and green then you have a neutral undertone.
For Cold Undertone, pinks and cranberry shades colors of lipstick would work for you. For a Neutral Undertone, nude lipstick shades work for you. For a neutral undertone,  you can use the lipstick shades from the Warm and Cold undertones.

Last but not least, you can always mix and match and come with a new Lipstick. Let us know in your comments below of the various lipstick shades you can come up with.


Author Isma Saeed

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