Exclusive Eye Lashes Collection

Who doesn’t admire long eyelashes? Get a pair for your beautiful eyes and create an alluring eye makeup look. Our eyelash collection is available for you if you are the one who loves to finish off eye makeup looks with an attractive pair of eyelashes.

Eyelashes are essential to finish off a makeup look perfectly. So, you can go for the one that is suitable for a particular look. Long eyelashes pull off a breathtaking gorgeous look. We have a huge variety of long and fuller eyelashes from various international brands. So check them out and find the best ones for you.

We have a massive collection of beautiful eyelashes. Get the best strip lashes from ST London at Makeupcity Shop online.

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  • Eye Lashes – 01 – Candy

  • Eye Lashes – 02 – Samantha

  • Eye Lashes – 04 – Sasha

  • Eye Lashes – 05 – Giselle

  • Eye Lashes – 06 – Naomi