Day Vitalizer 200 ml

Day Vitalizer is a daily care cream for dry skin, with short-chain hyaluronic acid, Atlantic algae, Imperata cylindrica and macadamia oil. Apply onto the face and neckline after cleansing and toning in the morning, and massage in gently.


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Janssen facial products for ‘Dry Skin’ are the special care series for this skin type. Mild cleansing and care products support the skin’s physiology with modern active substances. These increase its moisture binding capacity and strengthen the hydrolipidic film. Careful care with lipid-replenishing and moisture-binding active substances is highly important to make dry skin elastic and supple again. Regular care with Janssen’s Dry Skin range makes dry skin smooth and supple again, and strengthens its natural film to protect against external influences. Janssen facial kit products are available online. Buy best facial products in Pakistan online only at