JAN- Purifying Mask 200 ML (4440P)

Purifying Mask is a special mask for deeply cleansing oily, blemished skin. With healing earth, extracts of red algae and Fomes officinalis plus anti-sebum active substance complex with oleanolic acid. Apply Purifying Mask onto cleansed skin. Leave out the eye area. Allow to work in for up to 20 minutes. Remove with warm, moist compresses.

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Janssen facial products for ‘oily skin’ normalize the oily-moist skin condition and to locally combat blemishes. This therefore combats the tendency to develop acne in its initial stages. Blackheads, papules and pustules, briefly referred to as rash eruptions, characterize blemished skin, which usually reveals enlarged pores. This is a frequent and often severe skin disorder which begins in puberty and can extend into adulthood. Janssen facial kit products are available online. Buy best facial products in Pakistan online only at