Rouge Signature

Find out more about the new matte lip ink, Rouge Signature by L’Oréal Paris, for an bold lip colour and a bare-lip sensation.
> Strong color impact: 12 matte shades
> Ultra lightweight, bare lip sensation
> Long Lasting, All Day Wear
> Precise feather applicator with reservoir
> Waterproof lipstick


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Sign your lips with a matte lipstick colour!

The new Rouge Signature liquid lipsticks by L’Oréal Paris are matte lip inks, characterised by their ultra intense colour shades and bare-lip sensation.

Packed with vibrant dyes and pigments, this lipstick will provide you with an instantly pure colour statement that lasts all day. The Rouge Signature formula includes mattifying polymers for a beautiful soft matte finish. Its lightweight base ensures a comfortable and breathable feel which is imperceptible on your lips.

With 12 on-trend shades, from dusty greige to deep plum and bold red, every woman can sign her look with her own statement color. What’s your signature?