Talk all you want but adding colors to your life brings a whole new meaning. Just for one, imagine a world without colors. You will definitely remember those 80’s movie where Charlie Chaplin used to be the star. It was funny but lets face it, colors brightened our world.

And by that it’s not just only showing how you feel. Anger, frustrated, annoyed, hungry and even when you are full. Even if you are miserable waking up and going to college or workplace, just the sight of the sliding of the nail polish is enough to get you through the miserable day.

Believe it or not, color has been considered as a way of expressing and you can see that with the evolution of nail art.

People tell about themselves with the choice of colors. Their choice of lipstick, shades, eye makeup and nails tells a lot about their style and way of living. As there are some who has built a professional career in nail polish and have come up with their own nail polish line because to them nail color speaks of their soul.

Every nail color speaks in its own unique way. For this lively and colorful experience, ST London colorists brings you a wide range 87 shades of nail polish with each its own brand of personality. It’s time to get your colors together!!!

Red can boost your energy and excitation along with it , it activates an ravishing rush. And if you disagree just remember which color attracts a bull in a bull fighting sport. HOLAY !!

Blue is the glue. It amalgamates the happiness and the relaxing feel for a depressed human being. Its the next-to-black- color in terms of preferences.

When the year comes to an end and everything begins to falls right into place, you succumb to the season and wear it all around you. Just like those orangish brown leaves brings a warm, comfy and fall-like feel to you.

And it doesn’t stop there. Colors are there for you to be creative. They will waltz, tango, twirl and dance under your command and might I say it is empowering to have those 87 shades to move at your command.

And just imagine the various combinations and styles these exciting nail arts one can provide. For instance, a cheetah nail is the ground image of fetishism.  A rainbow nail art gives a more dainty and unicorn vibe, and if you know its a sign that there is a young nail artist just to make a career. and get famous.

All in all, each of these colors stand for a unique meaning on its own but the real magic is which color you choose for yourself. With such wide range of shades you can present, paint or pose with those amazing and exquisite color of nail polish in your hands.

Let us know in your comments below that what is color for you, and which is your favorite shade of Colorists?

Author Isma Saeed

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