After a long day at work you come home, dead tired, drop all of your stuff that has been a drag the entire time, change your clothes and wash your face. But wait? How is it still there ? That lipstick is still intact. And that’s when you really get happy. Because after all the hassle and hustle, that lipstick continued to make you look good the ENTIRE time and that you didn’t even need to bother to take a break and apply  it again. But how to make sure that it remains resilient and resistant? So for all the workaholics who are busy as a bee, let us put your worries to ease as we bring some tips on how to use the ST Velvet Lipstick as to make your  lip-stick out and stay longer.

1. Exfoliate and Moisturize your lip with a mix of brown sugar, honey and olive oil.

2. Always outline the lip to get the desired look for your lip.Use the ST pout liner and  ensure that color is one tone dark for the lip shape to remain same.

3. Use a ST Lip Fix brush for a better and even application.

4. Press your lips with a tissue in between to remove excess of ST Velvet Lipstick for final finishing.

And there you have it. The ultimate guide to a day lasting long lipstick. For more details, let us know your views and reviews in the comments section below.


Author Isma Saeed

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